The purpose of this site is to illustrate the possibilities offered by digital color processing in the perceptual space CIE Lab. The colors being three-dimensional (clarity, hue, chroma) 3D geometry is often used.

This site is also a tool to raise awareness among Internet users about the disadvantages of the dominant practice of using the RGB space and its derivatives in the audiovisual arts field. This space is not adapted to visual perception. It should not be used directly in software for designers and painters.

This usage has spread because color transformations are difficult to achieve in perceptual spaces such as the CIE Lab. The complex volumetry of these spaces makes these transformations difficult to predict.

However, the numerical computation applied to the color makes it possible to approach many tracks of work. For the open creative, getting around difficulties is part of everyday life. This site is a place for sharing thoughts on the subject.

Regarding my biography I am an architect and urban planner. I work in the public development sector in Paris – France.

My name is Olivier Vicario. I landed on earth in 1955.

contact: olvicario@gmail.com

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